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Is your long-distance move within California or approximately 400-600 miles from your pickup location(s)? If so, you can easily get your moving quote, and rest assure that we have the best prices of any high quality moving company in the Bay Area. Our process for moving long distances is modified to ensure safe arrival of your valuables. Road conditions, weather, and other factors can influence the move. That’s why you want professional movers, who have experience charting course through California highways and byways, to move you and your family safely. The best advice any professional mover could give you is to examine the license and insurance coverage of the company which you select. All licensed movers are required to give their customers a visual inspection of their belongings to estimate moving costs. Five Star Moving Companies is one of the most affordable moving companies, and we model ourselves on excellence. For details and questions, please give our friendly staff a call.



There are a few unique qualities which sets Five Star Moving Companies apart from other Santa Clara movers and San Jose movers. Namely, we provide all-inclusive rates, there are no hidden fees, and our hourly rate is prorated to 15 minute intervals (so you save more). So, what’s included in the rate, anyway? That’s a great question! Here’s a quick description of included services:
Disassembly and reassembly of your furniture items to ensure safe relocation
Mattress covers and television packing services
Packing materials (shrink wrap, packing tape, furniture blankets/pads, etc.) for the protection of your belongings
Wardrobe/garment boxes to keep clothes neatly on hangers
Specialized moving equipment and tools such as dollies and power tools.
When we visit your home, we immediately formulate a plan of action based on many years of local moving experience. You can have the highest expectations of our team of material handlers, because they are tried, tested, and are simply the best. We also offer full packing/unpacking services on demand. What’s not included? Only small and medium boxes are not included in our hourly rate. Also, double drive time is not included.


Commercial Moving

If your small or medium sized business needs to be relocated, we can do that for you quickly and securely. Our team will assess your needs, develop a plan, and set a date which works best for your company. We will then deliver high quality moving day services unparalleled to other Santa Clara movers or any other Bay Area moving company. Services included are: • Disassembly/reassembly of your office furniture • Packing materials such as shrink wrap, packing tape, furniture blankets/pads, etc.) for the protection of your valuables. • Specialized tools and equipment such as dollies and power tools • Full packing services per request • A registered customer service agent Services not included are: • Our company does not provide disassembly or reassembly of office cubicles of any kind. • Small and medium boxes are available for an additional surcharge. • We are prohibited from disassembling/reassembling electronic devices and components such as servers and industrial printing or medical devices/equipment. Please call for more details about services provided. Five Star Moving Companies continues to uphold a high industry standard of quality and excellence compared to other office moving companies. Call us and let us know how we can best serve you, today.


Double Driving Time

This simple explanation should allay your fear or concerns about Double Drive Time (DDT). DDT is actual simple and straight forward. Many customers who end up choosing the wrong moving company get bamboozled by tricky sales agents who fail to explain what DDT means. Here’s a simple explanation of DDT law: Per the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations on household goods relocation, all California moving companies must charge the customer double the time it takes to get from the origin to the destination. Specifically, the law states: - “the time used shall be the total of loading, unloading and double the driving time from point of origin to point of destination.” For example, if Bob’s move started at 9:00 a.m. in San Jose and ended at 12:00 p.m. in Fremont, and it took 15 minutes to drive from the origin to the destination, he will be charges for 3 hours and 15 minutes.


Let us handle your move

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Let us handle your relocation by alleviating some stress out of your busy life.

Moving you out of your apartment, condo, house, office, or into storage.

We offer commercial clients comprehensive, top-quality solutions to fit their moving needs.

We will double the time it takes to get from point A (Pickup) to point B (Delivery) or in between. 

Service Inclusive Prices:

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We were impressed from the first phone call. All the charges were explained from the beginning and nothing was hidden. The booking process was easy. The driver called 30 minutes prior to arriving. All our furniture was padded with blankets, surround wrap, and carefully loaded on the truck along with boxes and our patio furniture. We highly recommend Five Star Moving Companies to everyone, especially for large moves. Thank you, Mike, Dave, and Jay for a great move! Thank you Mikle, David and Jay!!!

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We do in home estimates for long distance,
please call in to schedule an appointment.
2 man/truck - $105 per/hour
3 man/truck - $135 per/hour
4 man/truck - $165 per/hour
1 additional person $40 per/hour
1 additional truck $60 per/hour
2 guys labor only $105 per/hour includes one dollie and one four wheeler
Rates include:
Furniture protection materials
Wardrobe/Garment boxes
Mattress covers
TV packing
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